Hey Beautiful!

As you may already know, my hair was a HOT MESS before I went Natural!

protect natural hair protective styles

Before and After

I relied HEAVILY on weaves and hardly EVER deep conditioned or moisturized MY OWN HAIR!

Since then, Protective Styles like Wigs, Braids, Crochet Braids and YES, even Weaves have been KEY to my Natural Hair Journey!


Because I can practically wear any style I want while keeping my Natural Hair healthy and THOROUGHLY moisturized during the ENTIRE process!  

I discussed “How to Protective your Natural Hair for Protective Styles”during my recent Instagram Takeover with @RastAfriBraid
I hope my Natural Hair Tips and Natural Hair FAIL inspire you to keep on, keepin on’ with your Natural Hair Journey!

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Protect your Natural Hair for Protective Styles: 




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