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I’ve decided to STEP OUT of my comfort zone and try a NEW Protective Style! My Nicki Minaj Inspired Hairstyle using GLOW IN THE DARK Braiding Hair!

I usually stick to the basics like Individual Braids, Box Braids, and Crochet Styles, but not anymore! I’m going to experiment with NEW COLORS & NEW BRAIDING HAIR!

First up…the Nicki Minaj Chun-Li inspired Hairstyle. You can also see the same hairstyle in her cameo appearance in YG’s Big Bank video.

nicki minaj

Braiding Hair & Crochet Hair

Instead of using regular weaving hair to achieve this style, I used Crochet Hair in the back and Braiding Hair for the Cornrows in the front!

To make the entire hairstyle REALLLLY POP, I used GLOW IN THE DARK Braiding Hair for the cornrows and used Ziggy Braid for the Crochet Hair. Both packs of hair are by @RastAfriBraid– The BEST Quality Braiding Hair.

braiding hair

“Glow Braid” and “Ziggy Braid” by @RastAfriBraid

braiding hair

Glow Braid by @RastAfriBraid

crochet hair rastafri

“Ziggy Braid” Crochet Hair by @RastAfriBraid

You can find the hair at your local beauty supply store or from the following online retailers:




Wanna Learn More? Watch the Full Video Below!

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