Natural ways to remove your makeup
Say goodbye to chemical filled makeup wipes and hello to Natural Ways to Remove Your Makeup. In my last skin care post, I discussed toxic ingredients you should avoid when purchasing face wash, but did you know certain makeup wipes are just as toxic? I love wearing makeup but dread the entire process of taking it off. Instead of wasting our time and our money, let’s take a look at natural ingredients & products we can use to effectively remove our makeup:

Natural Facial Cleanser
This option is a no brainer. But which one should you use? When selecting a facial cleanser, make sure to read the ingredients. Check to see if it’s free of sulfates, parabens, glycols, artificial fragrances & other harmful ingredients. Be skeptical of unfamiliar ingredients. Natural products typically contain flower/fruit extracts, soy and oils. Products I recommend are Shea Moisture African Black SoapPurlisse Pur-Delicate Cleansing Cream & Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash.

natural ways to remove your makeup

Olive Oil
Technically any oil can remove makeup, but what makes olive oil so special? It contains healthy fats with vitamins A & E, making it a fabulous moisturizer! Do you have a problem with dry, flaky skin? If so, simply take a cotton swab (or just use your hands) to rub the oil all over you face. Instantly, you’ll begin to see the makeup come off. Just follow-up with your favorite facial cleanser. With this method, you wont have to worry about any makeup remover over drying your skin.

natural ways to remove your makeup

Coconut Oil
Why wouldn’t you want to slather this delicious oil all over your skin? Coconut Oil is lightweight and gentle which is great for oily and sensitive skin. This is usually my go-to makeup remover because I love how easily it removes my waterproof eye makeup. You can literally rub the oil all over your face, rinse and go. To get the purest form, use unrefined, coconut oil. Read more on How to Clean a Your Face with Coconut Oil.

Oil Cleansing Method
Steam + Castor Oil mixture =The Oil Cleansing Method. Have you’ve ever been in a packed out club or a hot, stuffy room wearing a face full of makeup? If so, then you are fully aware that steam causes makeup to melt. Combine steam (I use the Conair Facial Sauna) with Castor Oil, which is a natural astringent, and another oil of your choosing, to receive a deep pore cleansing that will literally remove your makeup and impurities from your skin and pores. Never heard of this method? Check out Wellness Mama’s detailed post.

I love makeup, but if I forget to remove it at night, I can guarantee you I’ll have a huge pimple (like a do now) because I forgot to take it off. I know we may forget and I understand it can be a nuisance after a long day, but if you want healthy, beautiful skin, DON’T skip this step! These methods can be completed in less than 5 minutes, so there shouldn’t be any excuse! Plus, if you have the Clarisonic, I mentioned in My 3 Favorite Facial Tools, you can cut that time down in half!

What are you currently using to remove your makeup? I’d love you know!!

Til next time beauties…..

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