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Natural Hair Affair with Kimberly Elise - Dominique's Vanity Corner

natural hair kimberly elise

A Natural Hair Affair with Kimberly Elise – A comfortable environment where ladies can share beauty wisdom, discuss personal hair challenges and encourage one another to maintain healthy, beautiful and natural hair. Created by Naturalista and star of the VH1’s series Hit the Floor, Kimberly Elise says she feels “liberated” wearing her natural hair and wants everyone, no matter the hair type, to recognize their own beauty and embrace their true, authentic self.

natural hair kimberly elise

After attending and receiving valuable hair care information from Cupcakes and Coils with Kimberly Elise, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Elise and was able to get an insight into her “Natural Hair World.” Here are a few photos from the event and our chat…

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Dominique: When did you go natural?
Kimberly: “Well I’ve always been natural. I’ve been natural since like 2000. But where I was comfortable taking care of my hair and knowing how to take care of my hair, that’s been in the last 5 years or so.”

Dominique: When you went “all the way natural” (taking care of your own hair), how did you feel? 
Kimberly: “It was really liberating! I just felt like there was nothing between myself or the rest of the world. I remember seeing myself on the red carpet in a wig and I was like, that’s not me, that’s not who I am. It was a straight wig, which is fine, it’s beautiful if that’s your option, but it just didn’t feel true to me and that was the last time! Ever since then, I’ve been on the red carpet and it’s me (points to hair) and it feels great.”

Dominique: Do you feel any scrutiny on the red carpet?
Kimberly: “In the beginning. You know, there’s more black women wearing their hair natural now. But in the beginning, I’ll go to events and I was the only one and I definitely felt they were like, ‘Does Kim know she didn’t do her hair?!’ (LAUGHTER!)  And that was probably me more than anybody else. But I definitely don’t feel that anymore. I get a lot of love for my hair and a lot of women who want to know how I do my hair and want to do their [own] hair but haven’t figured it out yet so they haven’t made that transition.”

Dominique:What do you want to tell young women, who grew up wearing perms, weaves, et cetera?
Kimberly: “I want them to recognize that their hair, our hair, is just as beautiful, just as glamorous, just as gorgeous as any other hair out there. And by seeing me on TV where my character wears natural hair and to see me on the red carpet just wearing my hair, it sort of validates that. You can wear a gown and wear your hair natural and be amazing and beautiful and fierce! I think seeing me do it sort of gives them that permission. The younger kids, my daughter who is 16, she’s natural and loves it and can’t imagine straightening her hair, has no interest in it! A lot of her friends are the same way. I think the girls who are coming up have a different mentality, partly because some of us mothers have that going on as well. So they feel beautiful just like their mothers are beautiful. That’s encouraging and that’s exciting to me that our girls are growing up with a consciousness and self awareness and self appreciation for being just the way they are.”

natural hair kimberly elise

Often referring to curly afros as “flowers and halos”, Ms. Elise shared personal tips & tricks with the group.  Participants also received hair care information from fellow actress, Kim Wayans, (pictured above) who says she finger detangles and limits the use of any hair tools. Both actresses say they arrive to set “camera ready” and will not allow anyone without natural hair care expertise to style their hair.

Licensed hairstylists Odessa Renia and Aingeel-Z  also shared their professional advice while addressing topics like, 3 Keys to Moisture & Length Retention, Natural Emollients and Hair Ingredients to Avoid. We discussed the importance of routine protein treatments and how our lifestyle and eating habits can impact our journey to obtaining healthy hair.

Each participant went home with a beauty bag and booklet detailing natural hair care. But I can’t give you all the deets! If you’re a natural, newly natural or thinking about making the transition, then this workshop is definitely for you! The discussions are positive and it’s great place to meet others ladies with common goals. Who knows, you might even find a new Curlfriend!

Interested in attending a Natural Hair Workshop? Sign up at KimberlyElise.com

Questions? Make sure to COMMENT BELOW!!

Until text time Naturales. Stay Sassy!

xoxo Dominique

Sponsors include: DiamondsByDominique, Qhemet Biologics , Belle Rebel Boutique, Kyra Shea Medleys , Kenza International Beauty, Young Living and Yemaya Import Distribution

*Please note, article taken from www.hairnaturel.co.uk does not necessarily reflect the views of Kimberly Elise, KimberlyElise.com or DominiquesVanityCorner.com. It serves as a starter guide for individuals interested in learning more about ingredients for healthy hair.*