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5 EASY Ways to Make Money as a Blogger, YouTuber or Social Media Influencer - Dominique's Vanity Corner

Have you ever wondered how your favorite Blogger, YouTuber or Social Media Influencer gets PAID to post on social media?

We already know they get free products, but how do they wake up every day and get paid to do what they love? How are they REALLY making the mula to pay their bills?

Want to take your blog and social media game to the next and get paid just like them?

I’m going to share with you 5 EASY Ways to Earn an Income as a Blogger, YouTuber or Social Media Influencer, even if you don’t have a large following!


Affiliate Links & Programs

According to Techopedia, “In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website. An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username.”

We’ve all heard this before, “Like this shirt? Use my link to get 30% off!”


That “link” they’re referring to is called an affiliate link. Influencers can apply to affiliate programs to obtain a unique link in order to receive a commission for products sold based on their sale efforts.

For example, when you see your favorite YouTuber filming a hair tutorial while wearing and promoting the shirt she’s wearing. You see the shirt, you want the shirt, so you use the link provided to purchase it at a discounted rate.

Now guess what? Your favorite YouTuber just got PAID for because you bought the shirt using her code!

This is a GREAT way to earn an income as an Influencer, especially if you don’t own an online store. But don’t think you’re going to become an millionaire overnight! Many affiliate programs offer a small commission rate. Meaning you would have to put in a lot of time and energy just to create content just to make money. BUT, if you do decide to use affiliate programs to earn an income, partner with affiliate programs that are aligned with your brand so it will be easier for you to promote it.

My Suggestion: Use affiliate links to your advantage! Use it as revenue stream to turn your blog into a full-time business. REMEMBER, your brand should be your #1 priority! So treat it as so!

Check out Affiliate Sites LikeToKnowItReward Style, Amazon or EBay to start making money TODAY!

Influencer Platforms

Influencers Platforms are a great way to be discovered by brands. Simply sign-up, create an account and link your website and social media handles to your profile.

From there, you can browse campaigns and apply to the ones that best fit your brand. You’ll have an opportunity to submit proposals, negotiate pay with a brand representative (most likely from the PR or Marketing Department) and find out if you are accepted into the campaign right then and there.

Influencer Platforms are also a great way to start out with if you’ve never collaborated with a brand before. Keep in mind, some campaigns are not paid, so accepting free gifts as a form of payment can give you some experience. And in many cases, lead to a future paid brand collaboration. Regardless of the pay, your job is to create STELLAR Content.

But REMEMBER, your brand comes first! Don’t get sidetracked by accepting every collaboration and certainly not the ones that aren’t aligned with your brand. Only accept campaigns that will help you move forward as a Blogger,YouTuber or Social Media Influencer!

Check out Influencer Platforms like Socialix, Fohr Card and Influenster to get started!

Create Your Own Services

Are you unhappy in your current job and ready to make a change? I know the feeling! Treat your blog as a portfolio and provide it to potential clients and employers.

Digital marketing is a forever changing field and the universities and school systems can’t keep up! Once they take the proper measures to implement a change or a course, the internet has already changed. Just think about how many updates Instagram or Snapchat has within 1 year.

Use this to your advantage! Become an EXPERT in a certain niche like social media curation or photo and video editing, FOR YOUR OWN BRAND!! Then you’ll be able to proof to your potential clients and employers that your tactics and strategies actually work! Before you know it, you’ll have your own business, working for yourself! Sing it with me! “Money, money, money, money, MONEY!”

Create Your Own Product

What can you create that will be an extension of your brand?

When I first started blogging in 2015, I created hair tutorials on how to make your own wig. Before I knew it, women from around the world were reaching out to ask me to make wigs for them! It was fun, it was easy and most importantly, I was making money doing something that I LOVED!

Brand Partnerships

We’ve all seen the #ad and #sponsored hashtags. These are used during paid Brand Partnerships collaboration.

Brand Partnerships are a great way to get paid to promote your favorite products like hair care, makeup, fashion, and other popular brands that you use and wear every day.

If you’re already creating videos and posting your favorite products online and not getting paid, NOW is a great time to reach out to brands and take your business to the next level!

New York Times Best-Selling Publicist, Julie Solomon taught me, How to Make Money Using my Blog, Instagram, and YouTube Channel after 2 years of making ZERO money through Brand Partnerships.

Not only has she helped me, but she has helped other bloggers and influencers garner over 1 MILLION Dollars in income and brand deals! She teaches you how to figure out your payment rate, how to create your own Press Kit, and even provides email templates so you know exactly what to say when you email a brand.

Make sure to check out her FREE WEBINAR where she shares 5 Simple Strategies on How to Book Brand Collaborations, Negotiate Deals, & Make Money using Social Media. Register NOW because SPACE IS LIMITED!

Key Takeaway

Remember, your brand is your NUMBER 1 priority! Always have a goal for you brand. Is this just a hobby or do you want it to be a full-time business? Think about it? Do you want to put all your extra time building another company’s brand or do you want to use the resources listed above to help you make your own money to build your brand/business?

Take some time today and over the weekend to write down your goals and eliminate anything that will stand in your way of reaching them. And trust me, unaligned brand collaborations, affiliate programs, and even creating products or services can take you off track, making it much harder to stay focus! And don’t worry about having a HUGE following!  Once you have a clear understanding of your brand goals, the people WILL FOLLOW!

STAY TUNED because next week, I’m going to share with you a list of Affiliate Programs & Influencers Platforms you can sign up for and also help you set the foundation for your blog and/or brand. Stay tuned, because you don’t want to miss it!

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Talk to you soon!

xoxo, Dominique