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Using Heat on Your Natural Hair
How to Properly use Heat on Natural Hair

Top Pic: April 2015 Bottom: June 2017

I’ve been getting really irritated with detangling my hair every day. As you may know, 4 type Natural Hair is extremely kinky, coily and has a ton of shrinkage! The daily manipulation of combing and styling my hair has become overwhelming and borderline damaging to my newly grown tresses. If you’ve been following me, then you know I’ve used weaves and wigs as my go-to Protective Styles to transition from heat damage hair, back to natural. But I’ve done the unthinkable. I flat ironed my hair!! I know, I know, all that hard work just to use heat again??!! Yes…but no. Using heat doesn’t necessarily mean irreversible heat damage if you’re doing it the right way! Plus, my hair is much more manageable in its straighter state. Who doesn’t like to change it up a bit, right? Here are a few tips on How to use Heat on Your Natural Hair.

how to use heat on natural hair

Deep Conditioner & Protein Treatment

Using Heat on Your Natural Hair

Similar to How to Prepare Natural Hair for Protective Styles, we want to cleanse our hair with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a protein treatment to keep it strong and healthy, and deep condition or shine and moisture. Healthy hair requires a balance of both moisture and protein, and because we’re applying direct heat, our hair strands MUST be strong enough to withstand the heat. Protein treatments and hair masque/deep conditioners will vary, depending on the condition of your hair.

NATURAL HAIR TIP: If your hair is dry and brittle, you need moisture. If it’s mushy and limp when wet, then pump up the protein. And if your hair is damaged, STOP USING HEAT altogether!!

My go-to products: Cantu Deep Treatment Masque and ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor.

Leave-in Conditioner

Always use a high-quality leave-in conditioner!! A product that truly conditions, detangles, controls frizz, lightweight & has thermal heat protection. Since you won’t be moisturizing with butters and creams, a great leave in conditioner will provide continuous shine and moisture. Simply apply it to your hair while damp to help with detangling, then allow your hair to absorb the product by air drying.

My go-to: It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

Air Drying & Stretching Hair

Because I want to reduce the amount of heat I apply to my hair, I recommend air drying! Usually, I’ll air dry my hair overnight, or set a day aside when I don’t have much to do. Then, after applying my leave-in, I’ll braid, twist or band my hair into smaller section. This “Stretching” allows elongation, without the use of multiple thermal appliances.

Flat Irons, Hot Irons & Blow Dryers

Using Heat on Your Natural Hair
Once my hair is about 75-80% dry, I’ll spray each section with a silicone based heat protector for shine, moisture and for added protection. If I’m blow drying my hair, I’ll use the cool/low setting but if I’m flat ironing, I don’t go above 400 degrees. I try not to use a blow dryer and a flat irontogether unless I’m extremely pressed for time. But even then, I’ll try to eliminate as much heat as possible. My goal is to obtain kinky straight hair, not bone straight!


Natural Hair Take Away: If you want to maintain your natural hair pattern, but also want to straighten your fro every now and then, go ahead!! Just be cognitive of how often you’re using heat. Twice a month is more than enough! Plus, if your pressed hair begins to revert, explore rod sets or twist outs! You’ll have an elongated style that will last another 5-7 days!! #Winning !!

Are you #TeamNoHeat or do you like to dabble with the forbidden “Hot Tools”? Share you stories with me and what products you use!! I’d LOVE to hear them!!



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