how to maintain edges and crochet braids at night

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First on the list, How I Maintain my Crochet Braids at Night!

how to maintain edges and crochet braids at night

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What you’ll need:
A satin or silk scarf
Large hair band (Hair band should be large enough to stretch over your head)

Step 1: Stretch hair band and bring entire head and hair through
Step 2: Flip head upside and let hair fall in front of face
Step 3: While head is still flipped upside down, gather hair and secure it with large hairband (loop hairband once if needed)
Step 4: Flip head right side up; Ponytail should be at the top of your head and loosely secured
Step 5: Take satin/silk scarf and fold in half at opposite corners; leaving one-side longer than the other
Step 6: Take the larger portion of the scarf and place it on the back of the head and tie it in the front
Step 7: Make sure all hair is secured and tie scarf (again) in the back
Step 8: Tuck remaining front portion of scarf so no hair is visible

Ok, I know that sounds pretty confusing. So, here’s a visual of my nighttime routine….(you can also see step-by-step in the video below)

how to maintain edges and crochet braids at night

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how to maintain edges and crochet braids at night

When it comes to Crochet Braids and Protective StylesI DO NOT PLAY about my edges. I don’t care how “cute” a style may look. If it requires me to harm my edges in ANY KIND OF WAY, I will not continue with the hairstyle! PERIOD!

There’s this phrase, “Once you lose it, you can never get it back.” Unfortunately, this can be true about edges. If your hair is pulled out of your scalp (accidentally or for whatever reason), and the follicles are damaged, it can lead to PERMANENT hair loss! My suggestion, DON’T RISK IT!

In the video below, you’ll see how I use Aloe Vera Juice and Water to moisturize my edges and how the EBIN 24-Hour Edge Tamer keeps my edges SLAYYYYED, all day! Most importantly, you’ll see how my edges are NOT braided! I left my edges UNTOUCHED and began braiding the base of the style where the actual Crochet Braid begins.

See video for more info… 

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how to maintain edges and crochet braids at night

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