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How to Deep Condition Natural Hair - Dominique's Vanity Corner

What’s the cure to dry hair? Deep conditioning! Well, that always been the answer whenever my hair is dry or feels brittle. I hardly EVER miss this step during wash days. Whether I plan on rocking a protective style, twists outs or braid outs, this is MY foundation. Without deep conditioning, my hair is unruly, dry and the styles just don’t look as shiny or as healthy. This is how I deep condition natural hair…

How to Deep Condition Natural Hair

Tip #1: Take Your Time

I’m the person who tends to “miss a spot” when applying product. To ensure I don’t do this, after shampooing, I’ll sit down at my vanity, part my hair into small sections (about 6-8) and apply the product to each individual section. Just remember to spritz your hair with warm water if the hair becomes dry.

Tip #2: Use a Quality Deep Conditioner

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many women (and men) use the wrong type of deep conditioner. The thicker hair, the thicker the product should be. Thick, coarse hair (like mine) requires heavier ingredients like castor oil and shea butter. But someone with fine hair can opt for products containing a lighter oil like coconut or maybe even mango butter. All ingredients are great, it really just depends on the hair texture and the amount moisture needed.

Natural Hair Tip: Choose deep conditioners that feel slippery. This helps with detangling!

How to deep condition natural hair

Tip #3: Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Nothing saddens me more than watching someone detangle their hair with a fine tooth comb. Unless you have fine hair, your shouldn’t be using it! Even then, a wide tooth comb will still make the detangling process easier. Just apply an appropriate amount of product, let it set, and it the tangles should begin to melt away. The comb should be used as an assistant, by helping you put a little more “umph” into to it. Finger detangling works too. Less breakage, guaranteed!

Tip #4: Use Heat

Have you ever deep conditioned, but your hair didn’t feel soft afterward? Did you use heat? Adding heat will allow the product to penetrate the hair, making it easier to absorb. Make sure to wear a plastic cap, sit under a dryer or you can use a handheld blow dryer. I recently started using the Q-Redew handheld steamer and it is amazing! You can steam your hair with any product of your choice. Just follow the directions on the product. If you want intense moisture,  let it “marinate” overnight. It’s YOUR choice!

There you have it. You can always add in oils like Coconut or Jamaican Black Castor for an extra boost of hydration! But remember to rinse the conditioner out with COLD WATER! The cold water will close the hair cuticle, ensuring the nutrients of the deep remains in the hair. Pretty simple right?

How do you deep condition? Share your tips with me below. I’d love to hear em!

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