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My hair has MAJOR shrinkage, with no visible curl pattern. So my goal is to achieve large, defined curls AND elongation using FlexiRods on Blow Dried Natural 4C Hair. I shampooed and deep conditioned as normal, blow dried my hair, applied T Roots Butter Curls and let the rods set overnight. WATCH the results below…

Flexirods on Natural Hair
FlexiRods on Blow Dried Natural 4C Hair

FlexiRods on Blow Dried Natural 4C Hair

Have you tried FlexiRods on your natural hair? How do you make your curls POP while maintaining elongation, volume, and definition? Wet or dry hair? Use a styling butter, mousse or gel? Let a distance know! Comment and share your tips and tricks with me below. I’d LOVE to share them with my readers and shout you out on Instagram!! Be sure to follow me on IG @DominiquesVanityCorner



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FlexiRods on Blow Dried Natural 4C Hair

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