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Favorite Taco Spots in LA - Dominique's Vanity Corner

Taco Spots are a dime a dozen in LA. Because their one of my favorite foods and I do mean FAVORITE, I eat it them often! I consider myself somewhat of a “taco critic.” So next time you’re in the mood for some tacos, check out my Favorite Taco Spots in LA.

King Taco

Taco Spots in LA

Founded in 1974, King Taco has been recognized by prominent food critics and has been placed within the top 100 of Hispanic Business Magazine’s “Top 500 Hispanic Businesses.” 

These tacos are authentic! Zesty-tasting meat, wrapped in two shells and topped with (optional) cilantro and onions. Meat choices include:  Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Cabeza, Lengua, Chicken, Buche, Suadero and Chicharron. The meat tastes like they marinate it with lemon and limes. A FAVORITE of mine!  For my sauce lovers, there’s only two sauce options. Green that is mild and red that is extremely hot! The red sauce has a firey, smokey, taste, made perfectly for spicy food lovers! King Taco has 20 restaurants throughout Los Angeles County with locations open until 3am. The answer for late night cravings! ?


Taco Nazo

Taco Spots in LA

“World’s Best Fish Tacos since 1978.” Taco Nazo was the first restaurant to offer authentic Baja-Style cuisine. Within 10 years of opening, they became the most recognized seller in Los Angeles of fish and shrimp tacos.

I’ve turned on all my friends to this place! At first, I was against the idea of a fish in a taco, but Taco Nazo hooks it up! Their hand-battered fish tacos are just as delicious as the traditional tacos. Taco Nazo offers fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, spicy pork and potato tacos.  They’re flavorful, crispy, and not greasy! And to top it off, they add a delicious, creamy “special sauce,” so there’s no need for extra sauces.  Although this place usually has a line, it goes by FAST. So don’t get discouraged! Your order will be ready shortly after you place it. Well worth the (short) wait!

Any food truck..well almost

Taco trucks and taco stands in LA are like liquor stores in the hood. There’s one on every corner! Seriously! You got the “mom and pop” pop-up stands and “the truck on Pico” that everyone talks about. Tacos are typically inexpensive, ranging from $1 – $2 so it doesn’t hurt to give em a try. My recommendation, scope out the cleanliness and beware of any dirty hands! 

Chronic Tacos

Taco Spots in LA

Chronic Tacos is a Fast Casual Mexican Gril using locally sourced ingredients. Chronic Tacos has more than 30 locations throughout California and beyond, including locations in Nevada and Canada. Even professional skater and MTV Jackass legend Jason Acuña has gotten in on the action, opening his own Redondo Beach franchise called Wee Man’s Chronic Tacos.

Don’t you hate it when you eat tacos and once finished your stomach feels extra heavy and bloated? Well, that’s not going to happen when you eat Chronic Taco. In 2016,the company expanded its menu to include all-natural meats and vegetarian options. Their food is healthy, without sacrificing any of the flavor. It’s kinda like Chipotle (back when they were killing it), but 10xs better. Chronic Tacos are truly addicting!

Tacos El Gavilan

Taco spots in la

Tacos El Gavilan opened in Los Angeles in 1992, bringing the community authentic Mexican flavor. Tacos El Gavilan offers a variety of Mexican Classics in the field of fast foods, highlighting their beef, hot sauce and “Frijoles de la Hoya”.


A taco spot with a drive-thru and late night hours? I’m in that thang! The location on Washington and Central is open 24 hours! I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of Tacos El Gavilan when I first tried it. But obviously, I was TRIPPING. What’s so special about this place is the food-bar inside. They have variety of toppings you can add to your tacos, like beans, peppers, onions, sauces and more. The tacos are basically customizable. What’s better than that?! 

There you have it, My Favorite Taco Spots in LA. I’m sure I’ll add more to this list so go ahead, COMMENT BELOW ???and let me know your Favorite Taco Spots!

After all this Taco-Talkin, I’m in need of some Tacos. TTYL ✌?