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Edge Control for Natural Hair - Dominique's Vanity Corner

Looking for the perfect product to slay your edges? Whether you’re a natural, rocking a weave,  or a press-n-curl, a hairstyle always looks extra put together when edges are laid! Here are 5 affordable Edge Controls for Natural Hair of all textures.

Edge Control for Natural Hair

Edge Control for Natural Hair


Vonté Silk and Edge Effects

edge control for natural hair

Heard of Vonté Silk Effects? Well, did you know there’s an Edge Effects too? Packaged in similar jars, Silk Effects’ product is blue and Edge Effects is clear. Both contain botanical extracts (a plus!) that penetrate the hair shaft to promote healthy hair growth and can be used daily without experiencing any build-up or sticky/tacky residue! Not only is Vonté Silk and Edge Effects, great for edges on natural, pressed and relaxed hair, you can braid with it too!

Bonus: Excellent for braiding!
Hair Tip: UseSilk Effects for a soft hold; Edge Effects for a firm hold.
Price: $10

Murrays Edge Wax

edge control for natural hair
Are you familiar with Murray’s Pomade? The one in the orange tin can? Although it’s not intended for edges, I used it back in my BN days (aka Before Natural)  to tame my edges. So when I recently discovered Murrays Edge Wax, I had to give it a try. I was impressed!  It leaves a smooth hold with a sweet scent. Best of all, there’s no flaking. A perfect combination of gel and Australian Beeswax.

Price: $3-4

edge control for natural hair
First off…the scent! Because it’s formulated with organic Blueberry extract, it smells sweet and fruity. Just like real blueberries. It’s water based, (more so than the other edge controls on this list) so I prefer using it on naturally curly hair as opposed to using it on pressed or straight hair. Not only will it slick down edges, it’ll also enhance, define and hold curls. Perfect for all the curly girls!

Hair Tip: Apply to wet hair for a soft hold. Use on dry hair for a firm hold.
Price: $12

Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer

edge control for natural hair


I’ve never used Ebin, but based on a friend’s recommendation and all the popular online reviews, I had to include it! It’s designed to tame edges on the kinkiest of hair, for at least 24 hours. What’s also cool about the product, it comes in clear and various shades of browns & blacks to match the color of your hair. Because it’s an Extra Mega Hold, consumer reviews suggest adding water to lessen the strength of its hold.

Price: $6-12

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Edge Control for Natural Hair

Have you used or heard of the Edge Controls listed above? If so, which one have you tried? If not, would give try it them out? Comment below and Let’s Chat!!