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How to detangle natural hair after braids

Hi Beauties,

Welcome to Dominique’s Vanity Corner! Today, I am demonstrating how I detangle and remove build-up from my natural hair, after wearing braids. You will need the following:

– Water Bottle
– Oil (I used Sweet Almond Oil)
– Wide Tooth Comb or Q Redew
– Hair Clips/hair ties (to separate hair)

How to Detangle Natural Hair after Braids

And because I used heat on my hair afterward, I used the following Vonté Products:
– Touch Shampoo (sulfate & paraben free)
– Silk Plus Bioforte Conditioner (Protein/Deep Conditioner)
– Silk Plus Bioforte (detangler/heat protectant)
– Slik Radiance Hair Spray (for shine and protect hair from heat and environmental damage)
– Edge Effects (Edge Control)
They’re not all natural, but great for natural hair if you’re using heat!

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