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Cupcakes and Coils with Kimberly Elise


Award winning actress and proud naturalista, Kimberly Elise, invited women with kinky, coily, & curly hair  textures to discuss natural hair care at her workshop in Los Angeles this past Sunday. The event, Cupcakes and Coils with Kimberly, educated women on how to maintain and achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

Hair stylist Aingeel-Z from Natural Kinx & Waves located in Long Beach, took it Back to the Basics, and covered topics likes opting for sulfate free shampoo over harsh ingredients, selecting the best product for your hair type and learning what’s really in those fancy hair care products. She even demonstrated a quick and easy go to hairstyle on a willing participant.


Dream Girl Hair Salon owner, Tonya Thompson discussed the benefits of wearing weaves as a protective style. Under the care of a professional stylist, she recommends wearing extensions for about 10-12 weeks with frequent hair trims to prevent split ends. Trims are a MUST for healthy hair! Thompson says the hair will come out one way or another. You can let it fall out on its own and experience more damage or can maintain healthy hair by making sure to get those ends clipped. It’s your choice!

Aingeel-Z and Tonya, both hair stylists of Kimberly Elise, emphasized the importance of night time hair care protection. They recommend using silk or satin over cotton scarves, bonnets and pillowcases. Cotton absorbs moisture and the friction between the material and the hair can cause breakage and lead to damage. In addition to preventing damage, they reminded us to always give our hair some TLC by deep conditioning, moisturizing
and to reject the popular misbelief that black hair and water doesn’t mix. Water and water based products are great ways to moisturize the hair. So remember, water is our friend!


Each participate went home with a goodie bag filled with natural products from Karen’s Body Beautiful and Infinity Bath and Body

Copies of Sunne’s Gift by Ama Karikari Yawson were also raffled.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Cupcakes with Kimberly without cupcakes! These mini vegan black velvet cupcakes were delish!
imagePhoto Courtesy of Instagram:iKimberlyElise

More flicks from the event:

If you’re interested in attending one of the workshops, be sure to sign up at KimberlyElise.com.

Till next time Naturales…..

Stay Sassy,